An Open Letter to President Obama, Members of Congress, Governor Cuomo, Members of the New York Legislature, Mayor Bloomberg, Members of the New York City Council

In this season of Advent and Christmas, the Christian Church enters into a time of waiting, anticipation, and celebration. Our waiting and anticipation are shaped by the promise of a world in which God's reign becomes complete. Our celebration is prompted by the birth of the Messiah, the one whose very name - Jesus – means God saves.

Jesus bears the vision of God that lives in each of us: a world in which shalom is experienced by all people. When we live into this vision, the very nature of things is changed. Our Scripture symbolizes this in many ways, swords become plowshares, crooked places become straight, sickness is healed, and lions lay down with lambs.

These images capture the end which we all seek: suffering ends, injustice ceases, and love rules. The Collegiate Church of the City of New York, and our five ministries - West End Church, Middle Church, Marble Church, Intersections International, and Fort Washington Church - find both our hope and our purpose in the vision of a healed world, one in which everyone has enough.

We believe that our nation has the capacity to provide for the well-being of each person. We believe that everyone should have enough food, enough clothing, safe shelter and affordable health care; that everyone should have the opportunity to make a living wage in order to care for their families.

In this most sacred season, we call on the leaders of our government, those in New York City, those in Albany, and those in Washington, DC, to share our hope and our vision. We call on our leaders to accept this simple script for human life - that everyone should have enough.

Let this be our call to justice. Let this be what guides your negotiating and lobbying. Let this guide your decision making and inform your legislation. Let this be in your heart when you consider the 100 million Americans who are in poverty or in the fretful zone just above. This represents one out of every three Americans, including voters.

Every American should have enough. This is our Advent hope, our Christmas prayer. Let us live and act so that our light shines like the dawn, so that we repair the broken places and restore hope for all people.


The Ministers, Elders, Deacons and Members of the Collegiate Church of the City of New York

Michael Bos, Senior Minister
West End Collegiate Church

Jacqueline Lewis, Senior Minister
Middle Collegiate Church

Michael Brown, Senior Minister
Marble Collegiate Church

Robert Chase. Founding Director
Intersections International

Charles Morris, Senior Minister
Fort Washington Collegiate Church


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