About Us

A Response to Spiritual Needs in Today’s Secular World

Established in 1628, The Collegiate Church of New York has old, deep roots in a great city, yet we’ve embraced a thoroughly modern perspective on spirituality and community in a greater world. Founded in the tradition of Reformed Protestantism, we respond to the spiritual needs of people today by embracing diversity, affirmation, openness and justice.

We are a single historic church with four city-wide ministries. Each is unique in approach and character, but unified in our core values of inclusion, self-exploration and positive thinking. As a spiritual community we encourage people to search, discover and flourish. Friends feel welcome to seek their own answers, look inside themselves and explore their spiritual selves.

The Collegiate Church. You could say that we’re much like a typical New Yorker. We’re intellectual, progressive, witty and vibrant.

 We’ve got large ideas, but a small community concern for our neighbors. We’re grounded in our historic past, but fully invested in the challenges and opportunities of the future. We’re the Collegiate Church, and we invite you to discover us today.

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