About Us

Collegiate Church Outreach Mission


ONLY A SMALL PERCENTAGE of those in need will ever pass through the doors of a Church. To carry out its mission in making a Christian witness, the Church must reach beyond its walls to meet people in the places where they actually live the challenges of everyday life.

Through centralized and local benevolence giving, the Collegiate Church casts a wide net to support church-based and nonsectarian programs that embrace a strong sense of mission, compatible with our own, in serving those in need.  We especially welcome applications from programs and projects where Collegiate funding can significantly further the program’s mission at the time, and where there are opportunities for our Church members to engage in volunteer service.

 The Outreach Committee seeks to provide care for the most vulnerable in the human family through benevolent giving based on the following Biblcal criteria:

Luke 4 and Isaiah 61: poor, captives, prisoners, ill - mentally or physically, oppressed

Matthew 25: hungry, thirsty, strangers and aliens, naked

Luke 10:29-37: crime victims

Matthew 5:9: poor in spirit, bereaved, persecuted for "righteousness’’ sake, peacemakers

Matthew 18:5-6; Luke 18:2-5: children

Exodus 20:12: elderly

James 1:27: widows & orphans, friendless